NBC 2020 - Winners will be announced on Friday 6th November 2020
More FM Customer Choice Champion
The Northern Advocate Hall of Fame Inductee
He Poutama Taitamariki Champion

Categories & Criteria

Northland Business Champions

Northland Business Champions are businesses or business people who have shown leadership, adapted and thrived during incredibly tough times with the Northland wide drought and pressures from the COVID-19 crisis.


Creative Industries Champions represent a broad number of creative industries, including: visual and performing arts, music, film and script, publishing, television, architecture, design, advertising and digital technology; including gaming and fashion. The winner will demonstrate creativity that fuels big ideas and challenges inspiring individuals and a teams way of thinking to open doors to new business opportunities with a focus on diversity, bringing in a variety of viewpoints, cultural backgrounds, and skill sets. 

Environmental Business Champions are businesses (individual or collective) that demonstrate a notable contribution to the sustainable use and development of natural resources in Northland.  The winner will demonstrate the use of systems, technology, processes or practices that help protect and/or improve Northland’s environment.

Innovation Champions are focused on developing products and business systems that allow them to thrive in the face of adversity. Their innovations may have improved output, revenue, morale or benefited their workforce, customers or community during a challenging period for the business community.

Not for Profit Champions play a critical role in Northland communities and undertake a variety of core functions that we all rely on, often operating on limited resources and funding, while adopting robust business practices and operating under extremely good governance. This category will also accept nominations for individual volunteers within these important organisations.

Workplace Safety Champions demonstrate how health and safety has been integrated into business operations, and has managers and employees who are proactive in dealing with hazards that arise from the work carried out. Credit will be given for examples of outstanding health and safety initiatives related to operating in the Covid-19 climate, including the mental health and wellbeing of staff and customers.



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Supporting categories

Customer Choice Champions are Northland businesses that provide consistently excellent customer service. They go the extra mile and are businesses you are delighted to recommend to your friends and family

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He Poutama Taitamariki Champion (Youth Employee of the Year)

He Poutama Taitamariki Champion (Youth Employee of the Year) nominees will be aged between 18 and 24 years old, have overcome adversity and are now thriving in employment.

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Northland Business Hall of Fame Inductee

Northland Business Hall of Fame inductees are business people – in particular successful business people – who often go without the recognition they deserve. The efforts of these individual business people are actually the fuel that keeps the economy running.  This prestigious award is  designed to recognise those who have, during their business career, demonstrated service both to their industry and to the greater Northland community.

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Supreme Category

Northland Business Champions – Supreme Leadership Award

Winners of each category (except for More FM Customer Choice Champion) are considered for the Westpac Northland Business Champions – Supreme Leadership award which will be announced at the presentation and celebration on Friday 6th November.